Solar combiner box

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■ Main Features

• The box can access different strings of solar panels in serial.each string current can be up to 15A maximum.

• Equipped with high voltage lightning protection device, both anode and cathode have the faction of lightning protection.

• It’s safe and reliable since adopting professional DC high voltage circuit breaker and DC voltage value is not lower than DC1000V.

• Two-stage safety protection device equipped with high-voltage-resistant DC (uses and circuit breakers.

• IP65 degree of protection to meet outdoor installation requi rements.

• Simple installation and convenient maintenance.easy to use with long service life.

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■ Technical Specifications

Number of input channels: 1-30, number of output channels: 1-5                                                   
Voltage level 1000VDC/1500VDC
Diode parameters 5SA 1600VDC/ 55A 3000VDC
SPD(surge protective derice) UC:1000VDC. ln:20KA,Imax:40KA,Up:2.5KV
UC:1500VDC. In:20KA. Imax:40KA, Up:s2.5KV
Branch current ISA
Protection Degree 1P65
Operating temperature range -15-60X
Ambient humidity 0-99%
Altitude 52000m
Intelligent monitor Support (optional function)

Note: can be customized according to customer requirements


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