• OPzV Solid-state Lead Batteries

    OPzV Solid-state Lead Batteries

    1.OPzV Solid-state Lead Batteries

    Voltage class: 12V/2V

    Capacity range: 60Ah~3000Ah

    Nano gas-phase silica solid-state electrolyte;

    Tubular positive plate of high-pressure die-casting, denser grid and more corrosion-resistant;

    The internalization technology of one-time gel filling makes the product consistency better;

    Wide application range of ambient temperature, stable high and low temperature performance;

    Excellent performance of deep discharge cycle, and an ultra long design life.

  • Deep Cycle GEL VRLA Batteries

    Deep Cycle GEL VRLA Batteries

    Voltage class: 2V/6V/12V

    Capacity range: 26Ah~3000Ah

    Designed for frequent cyclic charge and discharge applications under extreme environment.

    Suitable for solar & wind energy, UPS, telecom systems, electric power systems, control systems, golf cars, etc.


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